How will 'Do Money' help?

'Do Money' is an innovative online behaviour change programmes, designed by Psychology Professors, with help from Simonne Gnessen on the programme design. It’s fun, light and easy, encouraging behaviour change in tiny steps, which are delivered to you by text and email. Costing only £14 for a 6 week programme, it will help you get back in control of your money, let go of some of your habits around money that don't serve you and help you to develop some better ones.

Through a series of small, simple actions you will learn how to be good with money. You’ll start to let go of the fear, confusion, inertia or emotions that may have prevented you from dealing with money issues in the past. Through small actions you’ll achieve big results and, hopefully, have some fun along the way. And getting to grips with managing your money can bring a real buzz as well as a feeling of satisfaction and freedom.

The benefits:

  • Tailored for you
  • Easy to do
  • Puts you in control
  • Feel empowered
  • Have fun

Click here for details of what's involved and how to buy a programme.

Read Simonne's blog about the power of the Do Something Different approach and why she helped the Do Something Different design this programme.

Feedback from Do Money Do-ers

This gave me the push to finally get round to registering online to get more in the picture with my finances. Can't believe how long I've put this off and how easy it was to do.

Spoke to the tax man this morning and cleared my account. Its the first time I own the tax man NOTHING for nearly a year. Massive weight off my back. I'd been putting this off for a couple of months. Didn't listen to music though. Not really able to listen to music at all at the moment. I seem to need peace and quiet. And I'm ok with that.

I've talked about money a lot recently, having discovered through the course of this programme that I hate talking about money. So I've done it. Really satisfying to be able to talk about money without feeling shame.

This conversation opened new doors in a friendship and we talked for ages about our relationship with money, life and the universe!

This 'Do' brought a few tears but good insights