Money is such an important part of everyday life, yet nobody is ever taught how to manage their finances effectively. So it's not surprising that money worries are one of the biggest causes of stress.

You may be in debt, living pay cheque to pay cheque, going through a potential divorce or separation, making some life changes which have financial implications or earning a reasonable income without managing to build up adequate assets. I will work with you in a holistic way to help you work through these types of issues and empower you to develop confidence in making decisions and finding solutions.

Financial coaching sessions can also help you gain insight into what's behind your financial behaviour, clear some of the obstacles in the way of your financial success and enable you to feel better equipped and motivated to tackle financial challenges.

I will help you focus on your goals and streamline your financial commitments so that your money - however much or little of it you have - really begins to work for you.

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Money worries plague some people day in, day out. Facing up to these concerns can be difficult: you may be locked into a cycle of spending from which you can't break free; or you might simply not be able to make ends meet with what you've got coming in. Whether you're a high or a low earner, I can coach you into new habits, so that the stress of these worries becomes a thing of the past.

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Money means more than bank balances and spreadsheets. I can help you lead a richer, fuller life by helping you reveal and articulate your most profound aspirations. I'll help you navigate through obstacles and show you how you can put in place the financial architecture to achieve your vision.

The Life Planning process involves a series of deep, open and honest conversations and exercises that enable us to collaborate in the creation of a vibrant and complete plan for your future. I'm amongst a small number of individuals in the UK who have undergone intensive training and mentorship through the Kinder Institute.

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Money is often a flashpoint for couples. You may be talking about joining your finances, or separation and divorce could be on the cards. Or it may simply be that your emotional relationship to money and your financial priorities are different to your partner's. I can facilitate your discussions, offering objective and expert guidance so that, whatever happens, money issues never cloud the picture.

I can guide and support you through the financial side of a relationship breakup. Helping either or both parties with practical matters like gathering and understanding financial information, developing budgets that reflect both current and anticipated future income and expenses. I can fill in any gap of knowledge, as needed, around subjects such as pensions, investment, tax and mortgages, and help you understand the financial implications of different options for you, both now and for the future. I can also facilitate discussions about money, addressing any barriers that arise, and help you understand and better manage your emotions around money.

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Do you feel isolated about your situation? Maybe you feel out-of-control when it comes to spending and have never shared this with another soul, including your partner. Or you've lived in the shadows of someone who is now no longer around. Or perhaps you experience a sense of isolation about being the beneficiary of family assets without any understanding of what you have, or with a sense of unease.

I can help you gain confidence, find solutions and feel supported. You'll come away with a fresh perspective and have all the support and accountability to take the necessary steps to move forward with a sense of control and ease.

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Ever wondered how healthy or unhealthy your finances really are, but don't feel the need to visit a financial adviser? I can help you review your position, helping you understand what you've got and what the gaps are.

Everyone seems to know the ins and outs of the latest mortgages, what stakeholder pensions are, and why ISAs are so good…except you. An hour with a financial coach can be enlightening - you'll learn about the pros and cons of different types of financial products without any of the pressures of a sales pitch. I will also show you how to do your own online finance research through websites like the Money Advice Service.

Money savvy but time poor? You may be up on financial issues but, if you don't keep things in check, your accounts, budgets and plans can quickly suffer. We can tailor-make systems to keep you financially fit. We'll take your bank statements and analyse your spending, keep you up-to-date with the latest money-saving ideas, and we can even do your bookkeeping. In short, we'll do the work so that you don't have to.

If you're thinking of buying a second property, working out whether you can afford to retire or planning to go freelance, it often helps to discuss the pros and cons with an expert. The trouble is, experts may have a hidden agenda or cost the earth. Wise Monkey doesn't.

I can be your sounding board on anything financial - I'll highlight the things you need to think about, help you do the calculations, understand the relevant concepts and equip you with further questions to ask.

My job is not to provide an opinion or recommend a particular course of action, but to provide a neutral sounding board to talk through your issues and take action to progress your goals.

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